How would you define racism?

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Racism is just as ageism, sexism or classism in a sense. It is ignorance! There is a way in which people discriminate or is prejudice against people who are older, from a different sex, culture or class and make the target fell out of place. It has been shown that everyone is prejudice, like it or not. This is a behavior and is hard do get rid off. Everyone has that feeling that he/she is better than someone else. It is not always bad, but there are times when it is not necessary.

The first time I really noticed a clear distinction of race and culture, was when I got the opportunity to live in the US. I have never encountered anything like that my whole life and thank goodness for that. I was brought up with what is called now a multi-racial and cultural look in life. We lived in the same neighborhood and in close proximity.

And the nice thing is that in my family we have different cultures and races through marriage. It would be hard to identify where all of us had to stand on the race chart. The reading has given me more information to work with to better understand why every race, culture, and ethnicity has to be identified as such and why it is so important for society to have such control over people no matter what they want for themselves or identify with.

The fact that classification is still in affect is because everyone in society is so comfortable with their directed way that they do not even bother to try to figure out what is going on anymore. Do we stop and think about the word "minority"? For people to be labeled as minority and to go with the classification is...