The Wreck

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Everyone has those days, those days in which you feel as if nothing could go right. I awoke that morning knowing that my day would be a disaster. I choose to ignore the alarm going off and instead woke up to an angry mother. I knew I was late for school. I went to a private school in Maitland, Florida. It was a small school, a school in which it would be impossible to sneak into first period. I began my school day with U.S History class; I was relieved at this because I absolutely loved my teacher. He was my basketball coach and he let me get away with just about anything.

I strutted into the classroom with the utmost confidence. That is until I heard, "Amy Nolen, why are you late!" I froze and looked into his eye's it was apparent that he had shared the kind of morning that I had.

I replied, " Sir, I woke up late. I'm sorry!" Then he told me to march my late butt down to the office and get a pass. At my school if you're late you have to go down to the office and get a late pass. If you have three unexcused tardy's you get a detention. So I went down to the office only to hear the unholy words of the secretary saying, " Amy that's three". Detention, well that's just a great way to make my day even better.

Well, the day continued with negative events such as, "when did she say that was due today?" and "Chris said, what about me? ". It was a day I was ready to have over. Finally, my friend Emily asked me if I would like to go with her to the mall after school. I was so happy to have something fun come up. What could possible go wrong with shopping? Well, we left school right after the bell rang and I was in a hurry to get out of there.

We decided to go by the 7-11 and pick up some slurrpee drinks and head on to the mall. When we came out there were these nasty construction men near my car. We walked by knowing better then to make eye contact with them. We got in my car and began to back up. The nasty construction men thought that it would be funny to harass us as we left. I got so flustered in trying to get away from them that I just squealed out of the parking lot. Of course, not seeing the car coming in the other direction. Slam! The car plowed into the side of me. I was historical and confused about what all just happened to me. I got out of the car and realized that the car that had run into me had a small child in the front seat. She was bleeding and was crying, and then I began crying.

The police came and took up a report and both cars involved in the accident had to be towed. It began pouring down rain, so everyone went inside to finish the paper work and I was waiting for my father to arrive. It began lighting and thundering and the power went out in the gas station. My father showed up looking very ticked off. I knew that certain look my dad had when he was angry with me. My father and I left. That car ride home was extremely quiet. We got home and my mother embraced me. "Oh thank God, you're alright!" Now, that was a greeting I didn't mind. But then it began, "What the heck were you thinking, did you not even look?" That went on for about twenty minutes but of course it seemed like hours. Finally, it was time for bed; I could put this day behind me and then I thought, "Oh no, what if tomorrow is worse then today?"