Wrestling changes by bret lane. a look into the television world and changes taking place

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Unfortunately for the world and myself, the quality of television has declined in the past couple years mainly because the shows have gotten faker. Watching TV is a pastime for me and it pains me to know that it has come to this. Take wrestling for instance; I would get pumped up every Sunday night to watch WWF Raw. I don't recognize the show at all anymore and it overcomes me with nostalgia. I can no longer watch it because after two minutes, I get so annoyed of it that I want to throw the remote through the screen of the television set. The producers changed the name from "World Wrestling Federation" to "World Wrestling Entertainment". They lost all the great wrestlers and replaced them with terrible actors. It has turned into a soap opera played by bad actors and lousy camera men. There is hardly any wrestling in the show, and it's quite ironic that they can still call it "wrestling" without and lawsuits against them for false advertisement.

Three quarters of the two-hour show is taken up by backstage drama where characters have petty arguments and pathetic monologues. Who really talks to themselves as they think while a camera man records them? I get ecstatic with joy when I actually do get to see some wrestling, but it only ends in great disappointment when all I see is fake slaps and planned throwing attacks. It looks incredibly fake and scripted out ahead of time. They use tricky camera angles to try to conceal how fake the show is, but they can't fool even the dumbest of idiots. An elephant can't fool its predator by hiding behind a tree. Viewers want more entertainment and it is the bane of wrestling shows as we know it.