Writable DVD Formats - Advantages and Disadvantages, a 2 page report on the above subject which got me an 85 mark (A Class) everything written is factual.

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Introduction and some History

The chosen subject for my report is Writable DVD formats, which are fast becoming the very latest in backup/copying media hardware. Not so long ago, there was a paradigm shift from WORM CD to WORM DVD devices, all the technology from CD was used in a side step, then moved forward, advancing the hardware beyond the original aims and life expectancy of the intended product. The shift from CD to DVD writing is taking a similar shape, taking the technology from an old format and enhancing the curve, this need is being perpetuated by the demand for higher storage volume, particularly aimed at data backup, video usage, audio, graphic and animations.

The Facts

The different formats are listed below; I have detailed some brief facts about each format, highlighting advantages and disadvantages.

Details about the DVD-R & DVD-RW Formats

oAbout: DVD-R (created by Pioneer) is none rewriteable format and is compatible with many existing DVD-ROM drives and many DVD-Video players.

DVD-RW is a rewriteable format and it is compatible with many newer DVD-ROM drives and DVD-Video players.

oAdvantages: x2 writing possible when using supported blank media, media inexpensive, can be read in a majority of DVD drives.

oDisadvantages: Slower writing than DVD+ format, drives are 4 times more expensive than the fastest CD writers and have been dormant with the same specifications (writing/rewriting speeds) for a while now, no significant advancements are being heralded as of yet.

Details about the DVD+R & DVD+RW Formats

oAbout:DVD+R(W) has some better features than DVD-R(W) such as both *CAV and *CLV writing and also a bit faster writing speed. DVD+R disks cannot be rewritten to, and is compatible with many existing DVD-ROM drives and many DVD-Video players. DVD+RW is a rewritable format and is compatible...