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Too much stress can cause mental and physical health problems. Many of today's students hold down full-time jobs while attending college and feel overwhelmed by the lack of time available to study. Fortunately, there are ways for college students to lower their stress levels. Here is how you can reduce stress and have a more positive college experience.


Before you start you will need a few items. A day planner is essential for keeping track of time lines, schedules, and assignments. Additionally, you will need your current class schedule, assignment deadlines, a blank piece of paper, and a pen.


Stress during college can be avoided by following these steps:

1. Set your goals. Find your purpose and know what you want to major in. If you are not sure, take necessary steps to find out what your talents are and decide on a major as soon as possible.

Also, know what classes you need to take and when you will take them. This way you will be sure that you do not miss classes that are prerequisites for other ones.

2.Manage your time. Organization and management are extremely important. Don't get overwhelmed by large projects, instead split them up into smaller, more manageable tasks. For example, create a time line for the steps involved in writing a research report instead of focusing on the entire report. Make a schedule that includes all your obligations. Fill empty time slots with study times and recreational activities. Be sure to revise the schedule weekly.

3. Create a study space. Clutter is very distracting. Telephone, television, and music can distract you. Distractions can cause unnecessary stress. Therefore, choose a quiet and clean study space. If you do not live alone, let everybody in the household know not to disturb you. Lastly,