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The Wright Brother Wilbur was born on April 16, 1861 to the parents of Milton and Susan wright.

He was not the first Born in the family he was the third child. He had two other older brothers, Reuchlin was six at the time and Loren was four. The second Famous Wright brother, Orville, was born later on in Dayton Ohio on August 19,1871. 3 years later his sister was born on the same day. It wasn't the father that taught the kids there mechanics it was actually the mother and the Brothers went to there father for the intellectual advice or expertise. Some say it was a toy helicopter given to the boys from his father that he got on the many trips he took. They never went to college, When there mother died from a sickness and a skating accident Wilbur never ended up going, and Orville quit before Finishing high school and started his own printing business.

The Brother actually started this business together when they were 22 and 18 . They didn't have much to start from accept a tombstone and some buggy parts. They just did odd jobs and then made there own newspaper. The brothers started repairing there friends bicycles. They decided to make a Bicycle repair shop in 1892 then three years later The made there own bikes called Van Cleaves and St, Clairs.

After The death of a famous glider pilot Wilbur started to read everything there was on flight and flying. That's when he started to get all the things you would need to make a flying machine. Suck as : Wings that provided life, power and propulsion, and a way to control all of this put together. Wilbur was the one who invented and was the only on at this time that realized that you need the axes of motion to control the aircraft. The three axes were pitch, roll and yaw. Pitch was up and down roll is rolling either left or right and yaw is like flat turning left or right. Wilbur had many theories and tested some of them with a kite.

In the Month of August 1900 is when Wilbur built his first glider. He contacted the weather Bureau and ask for the places with the windy conditions and took his glider to the coast of North Carolina named Kitty Hawk. The wid speed was a average of 13 mph. The two brothers tested the 1900 glider there and a year later they went back and tested an improved glider with a larger wing span of 22 feet. The gliders didn't do very well, this inspired the two brothers to make a wind tunnel to test the effectivness and types of wings. Using this wind tunnel they constructed the 1902 glider in October. This was a big succsess the glider went 620 feet and set a new record. That was the boost the brothers need to go even further. The went back to work on designing and developing a way to power there gliders. They developed a propeller and had to find the right engine. For there engine they ended up building there own. it was a 4 cylinder and had 12 horsepower. They built the new 1903 flying machine in the back of there bicycle shop.

On December 17, 1903 Wilbur tried to fly it but stalled it on the takeoff. Then the brothers flipped a coin and decided who was going to try next, it was Orville. At 10:35 he was the one who made the first heavier- than - air. The famous flight only lasted 12 se3conds and when the distance of 120 feet.