How To Write A Cd

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How to write a CD If you want to write a CD, the following five steps can help you. First of all, you should make sure a CD-R has never been used. You must sure that a CD-r is empty. CD-R is also ok. The second step is that you should check how much space is on the empty CD-R. you must also check how many regular songs the CD-R contain. Next, you should down load some mp3 from the music web site, such as, then you should put them in your computer¡¯s file and choose the songs you want to listen. After collecting songs, you begin to write the CD. You should try to copy the mp3 in that file to the CD-R. If there is a problem, you will copy them formally. Finally, you must check whether the CD you wrote works. You should check it in the computer¡¯s CD-Rom.

You also should check it in other CD players. In conclusion, that could be successful writing a CD through the five following steps.