How to write a compare/contrast essay.

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Comparing and contrasting is something that we all do every day without even noticing it. Let's say you're in the fruit and vegetable aisle. You have 4 varieties of apples to choose from. Without being aware of it you determine which one appeals to you most (size, color, price, etc.) by using your compare and contrast skill. So, basically, comparing is a way of looking for similarities, and contrasting is a way of looking for differences.

A special way of comparison is using analogies. Analogies are used for presenting similarities using seemingly dissimilar things. You can compare the approach a pack of tigers uses for hunting down an antelope with techniques football players use to gain control of the ball. But, your analogy can only go so far. Sooner or later, the comparison stops working and you carefully planned point may be lost. Mainly, analogies are used for making writing more interesting and attention-grabbing for the reader.

The first step is finding a good topic for your compare/contrast essay. This step is crucial. Your goal is to find something interesting and important at the same time. After you have selected an appropriate topic, ask yourself two very important questions. Would I enjoy reading this essay? Would I discover something new from this essay? If your answers are "No," assume that would be your reader's reaction and pick a different topic. The following instructions will aid you in writing your comparison or contrast essay:

1. Clearly organize the basis of the comparison or contrast.

Present the purpose of your essay in the first paragraph with a clear thesis statement. You can use more than one paragraph for your introduction, but make sure that the reader will be well prepared for the discussion.

2. Decide what points you are...