Write a conversation between Heathcliff and Catherine after death in "Wuthering Heights" , by Emily Bronte

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Heathcliff and Catherine, met once again after their death. They were once again expressing their love towards each other and it seemed that they were trying to stay together forever without parting. Here is the conversation.

[H: Heathcliff; C: Catherine]

H: Catherine, kiss me again, I love you.

C: Forgive me, Heathcliff, I love you too. Stay and never go again, for every of your departure made me sick and every of your appearance brought me great cheer, great excitement!

H: It was you who made me leave; it was you who killed yourself. If you had not said to Nelly that marrying me was degradation, I would never leave and both of us would not have to suffer!

C: Oh, my Heathcliff, you misunderstood me. It was true that I did talk with Nelly about you and Edgar. I admitted that it would degrade me to marry you.

Heathcliff, but I love you not because you are handsome, but because you are more myself than I am. Our souls are the same. (P.81)

You must not say that you disagree. Truly, we are from two races, two classes and two education levels. No one would accept us and we would have a hard life. That was why I was trying to help you to become happy and rise. If I marry Linton, I could aid you to rise and get out of my brother's power. (P.82) Then I would be happy because you were happy too.

H: Cathy, be true to yourself, why did you betray your own heart? Why did you despise me? You taught me how cruel you had been - cruel and false, but you had never cared how I felt! (P.162) What did you mean by your silly "plan" to help me? If you didn't love Edgar Linton, why did you get married with him? Don't find yourself excuses to forget me, to forget my love.

C: Oh, Heathcliff, believe me. I was really trying to help you. I never betrayed myself. I forgive everything you did, forgive me!

H: No, Catherine, you betrayed yourself. You betrayed your heart. You betrayed me. You betrayed Edgar. You said you love me but you still didn't stay with me. If you really love me, why did you separate us?

C: Heathcliff, my love for Edgar was like the foliage in the woods and time had changed it. My love for you, Heathcliff, resembled the eternal rocks beneath and it was the source of my little delight. I am you and you're always, always in my mind, as my own being! (P.82) I never betrayed my heart, forgive me, Heathcliff!

H: How could I forgive your murderer? Because misery, degradation, and death, and nothing that God or Satan could inflict would have parted us, you did it of your own will. (P.163)

C: Heathcliff, I love you and I care always for you, but do you at the same time, cared so much for me? We both suffered, but I could see what you did all the time. You gave everyone a bad life, my brother, Edgar, Isabella, Linton, Hareton, and even my daughter, Catherine.

H: I did not do that with no reason. You were all bad people, you all thought about yourself but not me! Edgar stole my love, stole my love towards you!

C: No, no, no, no... Heathcliff, I always love you. Edgar had not stolen my heart or you. He never! You made him suffered and made him truly depressed by abusing Isabella. Nelly did tell me everything. You should not have done that, and you knew it, you had hurt me. You had broken my heart. All was terrible. It was not my Heathcliff. I should love mine and took him with me, because he is always, always in my soul. (P.161)

H: You said Edgar did not hurt me, then who stole your heart? Hindley? Catherine, you made me suffered. I had to plot a plan to get back all my possession because of you! I had to get back Wuthering Heights by lending money to your brother, Hindley. I had to get back Thrushcross Grange with the help of my son, Linton, and your daughter, Catherine. Do you think that is easy? NO!

C: Oh, Heathcliff, no, you did not! Tell me that you love me, you love Linton and small Catherine. I can't believe it that you have depressed all of them!

H: Do you think they are the only ones being depressed. How about me, did you ever care? You have left me so long to struggle against death, alone, that I fell like death, but my old enemies have not beaten me - now would be the precise time to revenge on their representatives! I have lost the faculty of enjoying their destruction, and I am too idle to destroy for nothing. (P.323) I still couldn't get your love although I had done so much in my life. I did not only suffer, but I felt like the worst days of my life had come.

C: Oh, Heathcliff, why shouldn't you suffer? I do, and I always do. I care nothing for your sufferings because I shouldn't. (P.160) You were just cruel and wicked to my relatives. Do you love me? If you do, why did you hurt me still? It was too painful a day for me!

H: Catherine, you care nothing about me, but I do care or your suffering. I tried to come and see you as soon as possible. I knew you hated me because I hurt your family. That was true, I forgave you for that.

C: Heathcliff, oh, please, no, never sat that. I care for you because I love you. Do not talk about our separation again! I love you, Heathcliff.

H: Do not betray your heart again, Cathy!