Write a descriptive essay on how you spent the summer.(Preparation for college) "When Common Sense Fails"

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On a hot sultry summer day in the dog days of August an intense heat was stagnant over the island. This kind of heat was one that could fry egg on concrete. My best friend George found two battery powered toy cars that children across the street used to play with everyday. The two cars were worn out so much that the electronic wires and cover were dragging on the floor. The cars must have laid outside where a weeks worth of rain created an odor equal to a skunk's stench. We took off the safety mechanisms and brought the two cars up the hill where we held races, sometimes we would tie a rope to our bikes to tow the toy cars. We didn't care about injury. We needed something to do that was innovative aside from riding bikes and doing tricks. Getting hurt was not on are minds at this given point we where young and daring and nothing could stop us

The biker was wearing a bright red sweater that illuminated his surroundings.

His jeans were five sizes to big almost gangster like. He noticed our bikes, they stood out like a sore thumb, oversized chains, large frames, and wide rims these bikes where made for tricks. He rode past us and quickly returned, he sneaked into our little group as if he was one of us. His behavior was very friendly similar to someone I have known my whole life. He asked us if we knew how to do tricks I said yes and proceeded by lifting both the tires into the air. The kid raised both his tires in the air however only almost twice as high as I did, I was dumbfounded. After ten minutes of his presence I befriended him, I wanted...