Write a descrptive essay on a wedding you attended.

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"This day \ I will marry my best friend \ The one I laugh with, \ Live for, dream with, Love..." When I read the cover of my best friend's sister's wedding invitation, I knew the occasion would be magical - bringing two people who loved each other very much, together at last.

I met Effie when I was about twelve. She had just come from Greece and joined our church. However, it was about four years after that she became more than just an acquaintance. In my junior year of high school, she came to my school and that gave us an opportunity to get very close. When we started driving, I went to her house a lot and I met her entire family, including her sister Litsa. I learned from Effie that her sister had been together with her boyfriend Mario for five years and that she was just dying for him to pop the question.

I had met her boyfriend a couple times after that and he seemed cool. He also came to my house once because he was having problems with his shoulder, and my mom is a doctor so she gave him some pills specifically for the pain. It was not until one Friday night last winter, that Litsa came home ecstatic. Effie and I were sitting at her kitchen table eating some Greek pasta, when we heard keys unlocking the door. Effie whispered that it was her sister and before I knew it, Litsa rushed into the kitchen babbling so fast we could hardly understand her. After she calmed down a bit, we both giggled guessing it was about Mario, and asked her what was going on. "I'm engaged!!!" she replied, with tears in her eyes. From that day on, arrangements for the...