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What is the hardest part of writing essays? I know that for myself to write and exciting and interesting essay I must go through a rigorous process of rituals and time alone. I forego many steps in getting my train of thought rolling smoothly. There are so many factors in weather I can actually write an excellent essay, or just write a mediocre one. I also get input from others to see there point of view, in how well my writing skills are and if the topic is even interesting to other people. I know that for some people it is easy to write elaborate essays. I also understand that for others it is more difficult to write essays. I know a few techniques that help me write essays, and many of these techniques I use could really be a big impact on the outcome of the essay, and the way it is written.

Have you ever went to an event, where you thought that some of the things they did were just a little weird, or just to old school for modern day society? Well I know that some events or factions do these things because it is tradition. I know that in football there is usually a coin toss before the game, this is to see who will kickoff the ball first. This is a tradition that has been used in football for many years. I know that before I write an essay I must do all kinds of crazy things, theses are just a few of my traditions that I like to do. I know that in order for me to think well I was taught that you are at your peak performance when you have a good nights sleep and are well...