Write an essay accounting for the difference in Othello's responses to the challenges of Brabantio's and Iago's attacks on his Person and marriage to Desdemona

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"Othello deals soberly and confidently with Brabantio's direct attack on his Person and marriage to Desdemona but goes to pieces when Iago mounts a similar but indirect attack" Write an essay accounting as fully as you can for the difference in Othello's responses to each challenge.

Both Brabantio and Iago had attacked Othello's Person and marriage to Desdemona. Although the attacks were similar, the way the attacks were carried out by Brabantio and Iago were very different.

Brabantio's attack was an direct one and was carried out in an outright manner, with people knowing of Brabantio's intent. By eloping with Desdemona, Othello would have expected the Brabantio would be angered and so, Othello should have been rather well prepared for this attack as he had ample time to think about the ways in which he can defend himself against Brabantio's accusations. When Brabantio comes to Othello with his charges, Othello is able to deal with the charges calmly and confidently.

We can see that Othello had expected such a reaction from Brabantio by the way he reacts calmly to Iago's warning that Brabantio is on his way to press charges against Othello.

Let him do his spite:

My services, which I had done the signory,

Shall out-tongue his complaints (lines 17-19)

Not I: I must be found.

My parts, my title and my perfect soul

Shall manifest me rightly (lines 30-32)

Othello's calm, confident manner are proof that he had been expecting Brabantio's attack. At this point of the play, Othello is confident of himself as well as Desdemona's love for him. He is not afraid of losing his place in the Venetian society as he is convinced that he is good enough for Desdemona. When Brabantio attacks Othello in front of the Duke,