Write an essay about the food selection patterns within your household and give relevant examples.

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Food Selection Patterns provides vivid insight into an individuals eating habit over a period of time and allows us to view at contributing factors to food selection patterns including physiological, psychological and social factors.

Within the household, rice has certainly been our main significant resource in life as it provides enough energy for us to cope through the day. It is also well known as a 'staple food' throughout all Asian countries as well as being socially accepted throughout the world.

Over the past several years, a healthy diet has become an importance to my family due to the fact that a genetic disease does exist. Although in previous years it has been passed down to the males only, my parents have stated their concern and at present, less oil and less salt has become a healthy habit during cooking. However, once in a while we have a habit of calling take-away or go to a restaurant to eat if no one has prepared dinner.

The selection of foods in my family are influenced by numerous factors and questions as to who eats it, what we enjoy to eat, physiological and psychological factors, the media, cultural and social expectations and the advance in technology.

Physiological factors affecting my family's food selection include hunger, thirst, our reactions to foods and the desire to eat and try new foods. Referring back to the time I was young, I was always tempted to try new food as my father is a chef and enjoyed experimenting new ways of presenting foods. The appearance immediately gained my attention and the creative arrangement of the dish stimulated my appetite.

From my earliest childhood memory, my parents have always enjoyed the fresh taste of seafood and my siblings consisting of three brothers and a sister has always...