Write about a frightening experience where you felt you had to go on in spite of your fear.

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When I was a young boy aged ten I always had a fear of being by myself in a strange surrounding. The thought of no one else but me gave me an eerie sensation and a chill always ran down my spine. I knew I had to be able to conquer that fear someday but on April 1st, the chance caught me by surprise.

It was on the morning of a sunny beautiful as day for April. Not a cloud in the sky and as I exited the school grounds heading back home I could feel the strong wind brushing against my face and through my hair.

Today was just like any school day or was it?

I walked at a steady pace to get myself back home because at that time I had a fear of being mugged, kidnapped or even more worse- death.

I quickly clambered down the last set of stairs that separated the territory of school grounds to public pavement.

As soon as my feet touched that ground I instinctively felt scared. I continued to walk at a steady pace knowing that my best friend at the time would already be waiting for me across the street and once we got back to his house I should stop panicking. However as my friend guided me to his house I started to panic further. As we drew near to his house I gazed around at all the old houses. For some reason I've never noticed them, maybe because I was new to the neighbourhood and didn't know my way around. We finally managed to reach the front gate of his house and I was never so relieved in al my life.

As the door his mum greeted us my friend Mike told me to quickly look at...