Write a letter to the poet of The Wild Swans at Coole

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Hi Mr. Y. B. Yeats,How are you these days? I know you must be very surprise while you are receiving my letter. I am a Form Four student who studies in St. Clare’s Girls’ School in Hong Kong. I have just read your poem, ‘The Wild Swans at Coole’ , it was impressive and well written, lots of feelings came up to my mind when I am reading it, so I decided to write you a letter.

Your poem has drawn the scenery of the wild swans at Augusta Gregory’s Coole Park; I could feel how lively the swans are. I love to watch wild swans in the park near my house, I feel I was them when there was breeze blew over me, and that feelings such as wishing to be free as a bird always came up on my mind. However, I just could not feel your happiness in your poem when you saw the swan, I guess you must in great pain when you were writing this poem, isn’t?I have heard that when we grown up, our hearts leant to sore, and that when you saw something, and they usually caught you in your memory.

I think you may also being the same. Are you wishing to be a passionate lad in the past and go back into the world when you are young?I could feel some of these feeling when I read your poem, which really opposing to the swans’ feelings. They would not feel tired about their lives, they keep going and fly every moments, even every year, their passion would not fade and conquest would always remains in their hearts, actually, they are just young and their hearts would not grown old. Is that what you wish? Actually, I think you...