Write one long paragraph analyzing Plato's thesis in the "Allegory of the Cave". How does he use metaphors to make his point? Is his point concrete or abstract? Do you agree? Why or Why not?

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My opinion on Plato's Thesis

Plato explains that the strength to learn is within everybody and it's just a matter of being able to tap into that strength or power. The whole soul must be ready to accept the change. The metaphors of darkness and light used by Plato relate to the mind and the ability to understand and accept what he is seeing in front of him. The light is so bright that it is hard to look at and in correlation makes the mind unable to see the reality that is taking place in front of him. Basically it means that it will take time to understand and accept these things of knowledge. The darkness is associated to the realties of what the men actually see and not the real truth to what is behind the shadows. Plato's point seems to be abstract or conceptual considering he uses the theoretical technique to explain his ideas.

He doesn't use real people in the Allegory of the Cave he only uses ideas of what he believes real people might think or how they might react. I believe in the idea that Plato is trying to convey, it makes perfect sense, as humans evolve there is a learning process that takes time to understand. When something has not been seen or experienced there is an adjustment period.