Write a report outlining the desired target audience and media objectives of an advertisement campaign of any kind (Print/TV/Internet/Radio)

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After sports marketing the largest area of company sponsorship is in the entertainment industry. Companies interested in sponsorship have two main options. Firstly, they can buy into an existing event and accept the restrictions and guidelines placed upon them by the event organisers. Alternatively, they can create there own event. Such is the case with the Coca Cola "Live and Local" tour. By creating their own event they can control every element of the promotional mix they choose. For starters they have naming rights over the event, hence the tour is called the Coca Cola "Live and Local" tour. By creating their own event to sponsor Coke are able to control the requirements in order to attend the event, such as the tickets being distributed once you have collected twenty Coke labels per ticket. This creates low and moderate consumers of the drink to increase their consumption in order to collect enough labels to gain entry to the event.

This is also a way of rewarding frequent consumers for their loyalty. This would therefore create an increase in brand awareness among the lesser consumers as well as increasing the overall Coke sales.

Another brilliant advantage of this campaign is that Coke can control every element of advertising and merchandising once customers attend the event. I could confidently say that every drink sold at the event would be associated with the Coke brand not to mention the "Live and Local" t-shirts, hats etc. Coke also have the ability to use this event to bolster their public relations amongst the music loving public by showing that Coke support up and coming talent in the music industry, and organise events for the local youth..


From a purely denotative or aesthetic view the advertisement immediately strikes me as being large and very bright,