Write specifications for and develop an english proficiency test

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This assignment discusses proficient tests in language testing . The assignment starts with a brief review on testing and the strategies used for developing language tests .Then there are some types of language tests .The main focus of the assignment is on developing a proficiency test so it consists of the purpose and importance of proficiency tests along with the characteristics of a good proficiency tests. It also includes testing specification for a proficiency test.

2.Literature Review:


As the ability to speak more than one language becomes more important, so too does the need to assess the language abilities of second language learners. In the classroom, assessment can be seen as an ongoing process, in which the teacher uses various tools to measure the progress of the learner. Among those tools are portfolios, self-assessment, and, of course, tests. If assessment can be seen as a movie, then a test is a freeze frame: it gives a picture of the learner's language at a particular point in time.

Used properly, these tools can help the teacher develop a full picture of the learner's progress. It is important to note that all types of testing and assessment are important in gathering information about your students. (Swain, 1980)

2.2 Procedure for writing a test:

Below is a suggested procedure for writing a test.

Decide what kind of test it is going to be (achievement, proficiency)

Write a list of what the test is going to cover

Think about the length, layout and the format

Find appropriate texts

Weight the sections according to importance/time spent etc.

Write the questions

Write the instructions and examples

Decide on the marks

Make a key

Write a marking scheme for less objective questions

Pilot the test

Review and revise the test and key

After the...