Write about Three texts that have changed our concept of war

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War is a word used to describe slaughter, economical collapse and political conflict. War retained its household name as being controversial; however, war engaged the world as an audience whilst those involved sung the horrific opera of enmity. It was the year 1939 where the world was plagued by war, where countless of people died, but the egression of aspiring poets and linguists. The Second World War was the defining catastrophe of the 20th century; one that incorporated the entire world; each nation had their own reasons why they continued to fight. Artists during the war were responsible for creating propaganda whilst poets and authors voiced their opinions of war in their works; they published their writing in community newspapers or published them directly to books. The war did not just consist of ammunition and weaponry; it was also a conflict between pen and paper.

"Empire of the Sun", written by J.

G. Ballard, entails the life of eleven year old Jamie, the main character, and the tale of him living, without his parents in a Japanese controlled camp in China. Empire of the Sun relates to war in matters such as children separating from their parents and the subsequent life they would live. Empire of the Sun was written in way which portrayed J. G. Ballard's perception of war, since he himself was living in Shanghai as a child when war broke out. J. G. Ballard expresses in his writing the hardships experienced during war. Empire of the Sun was adapted onto the silver screen by director Steven Spielberg. The motion picture film had several altered parts; however the underlying story was kept intact nevertheless. Empire of the Sun gave a multi-sided view on war and documented the before and after effects. Spielberg's conception of the film...