Write two journal entries thoroughly describing Lady Macbeth's feelings, leading up to the planning of Duncan's murder.

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15th of January, 1606

I have too much on my mind again. Only this time, it's worth a lot. Today is the beginning of the rest of our lives..my husband and I. I recieved a letter from him today, talking of witches and such. He claimed they told him that he was soon to become king. How, I thought to myself while reading the letter.. How will he attain the

position? I was immediately overwhelmed. There's so little time..he doesn't have what it takes. I have what it takes. Me, the sole reason he is what he is today, and what he will be tomorrow. Yes,I must admit sometimes I have to be firm with him. But he is my husband.. and he has an obligation to do what I say..and to fulfill my needs. His needs can wait, they are full of kindness and loyalty.

Ambition accompanies evil. Everyone knows that.

Though it seems that Macbeth doesn't know the significance. There are so many controversial issues I cannot resolve with him. I love him so much.. but its hard for him to keep up with me. He is a coward. Why, just tonight..I was praying to the witches. Asking them to rid me of all the despicable womanly factors I possess. I shall need ALL the help

I can get to be ruthless. Relentless. I will stop at nothing. I will get to the throne. And I WILL become Queen of Scotland..everyone shall answer to me, do what I say. And Macbeth. Yes, my husband, he will become KING.. King of allll Scotland. He will acquire every last bit of power he can. Until all of Scotland has not a single thing left to offer. Together we will achieve all of our desires. And

nothing will stop us.