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Writer's Block Writing is the most powerful and persuasive medium of communication. Nothing compares to the power of words when put down effectively. It's an art; a skill mastered by many with time. However, quite a few are gifted with a flair for it. I am not one of those lucky ones. To pen your thoughts, using the correct and the most effective words is not only painstaking but can be tedious too. Since childhood, writing has been a hobby but I never really liked using huge, inexplicable words in my work. I like to be profound and lucid.

Well, my most memorable writing experience hasn't been a pleasant one. It was in high school when our English teacher asked us to write out a short farcical story, in just 10 minutes. Ideally, I should have been excited, because after all, it was just creating some frivolous characters and framing an amusing story around them- EASY! But -- it wasn't so.

For the first time, in my writing career, whatever little of it there has been; I was scared. Things were great till the clock started ticking. The moment it did, I totally blanked out. As though my brain just walked out of my body! I faced WRITER'S BLOCK. It is the most annoying feeling when you have such a simple task at hand and your unable to do it because your brain gives out! Never before had I been so nervous about an in-class assignment .It felt like I had been condemned to an irrevocable punishment. To add to it, the clock as ticking! Just 10 minutes, out of which I spent nearly 4 minutes getting back into my senses. My palms were sweaty, my vocabulary failed me, syntax and grammar disappeared. Diction was something I hadn't known for...