Writing Assignment for gerontology course. I had to watch the movie "Calendar Girl's" and write a critique about it and tie it in with someone who is over 65 by interviewing them.

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I watched the movie "Calendar Girls" directed by Nigel Cole. The movie takes place in Great Britain and portrays twelve women in their fifties. The women were members of Knapely WI Chapter, a women's organization for prim and proper local ladies. The organization focused on education and empowerment of older women.

In the beginning of the movie the women are involved in group exercising, singing, and education when speakers come into the church and talk about topics such as broccoli. A twist occurs in the movie when Annie Clark's husband John dies of leukemia. Members of the organization wanted to raise money to purchase a piece of furniture in memory of John also to raise money for cancer research. The twelve women turn their traditional annual Calendar and give it a very untraditional twist. What I mean by this is the women posed nude in pictures behind fruit baskets and other items.

Through the actions of the WI Chapter the women were looked at a little differently. Some of the women's husbands were upset, others were in support of them and others didn't take any part in the matter. The small town was gossiping about the pictures and made amusing remarks about the nude photos. The town thought the women were a little foolish because of their age. Society as a whole looked at the women as being out of nature.

The expectations of family and family members did and did not change for some in the movie. One of the woman's sons got laughed at by his classmates and he started to rebel by using drugs. On the other hand a different woman's daughter supported her and wanted her mother to take on the world. She said if she wasn't going to do it now she...