How a writing class changed my style of writing.

Essay by manyman November 2005

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From muddied to transparency.

There is so much muddied writing almost everywhere, such type of writing was what influenced me as I grew up. Therefore I was also a muddied writer prior to joining my writing 121 class. In the process of becoming a transparent writer I learnt gradually the techniques involved gradually through writing my 4 papers, like the way a baby learns to crawl, leap, walk and run. Indeed I realized I was a baby writer and I learnt to write matured writing through developing ideas, brainstorming and accepting criticism.

Before choosing a paper to write about, I understood that it is necessary to have an opinion on the particular subject I want to write about. My idea could come in the form of a belief or suggestion, that is, I should have a mental image of what I want to write and my suggestion should reflect reality.

In writing my first essay on the benefits of stupidity, I had a wonderful idea but like a baby writer, my writing was muddied with different information that could not integrate to a whole. Indeed having good descriptive details to go along with an idea is necessary for a successful paper. There was no concrete example that I used to prove my idea through the paper. My instructor was lost because I was biting about the bush with numerous examples and that apparently made the essay loose focus. Like a baby the first essay was a crawling essay and I learnt to leap with the aid of my instructor because having a good idea with a developing adequate details were the first things I learnt from the class. Ideas and details actually made me become a better writer.

However, after developing concrete ideas and details, it is necessary to brainstorm...