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Comp 2 ArabyAraby is a good example of innocence and experience. It gives clear and well explained examples of how innocence and experience can work hand in hand. The story raises a couple of questions like what happened to the young boy? If the young lady would have gone to the bazaar, how would the ending of the story change in your opinion? Araby is about a little boy who had fallen in love with a girl who was older than he was and he did not know how to approach her. In the story the boy shows both signs of innocence and inexperience indirectly.

When we look at innocence we can compare his innocence and the dictionary definition of innocence. The dictionary definition of innocence describes it as being free from guilt or sin through lack of knowledge. The boy was innocent in his own way in that when he heard of Araby market he thought the market would be dominated by Arabs but when he got there he was surprised to hear the vendors speaking in English accents. As for his inexperience he showed it when he did not know how to approach the girl and tell her he liked her as he had done no such thing before.

In my own thoughts I think if the lady would have gone with him to the bazaar, the ending would have been much different. He would have been able to chat with her for a while and gained the courage to eventually tell her how he felt. His trip down to the bazaar would have also been less disappointing even if the bazaar was closed, he would have been able to finally spend time with her, open up and tell her how he feels. The trip would not have been a total loss but at least some gain for the boy even if he wouldn't tell her how he felt. Either way he wins.

By the end of this experience the little boy had learned a couple of things thus improving his experience and reducing his innocence