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As far back as I can remember I always had a hard time writing short stories, essays, and etc for any class I came across in schooling. I could imagine the root of my troubles of writing is perhaps that English wasn't my first language but my third. I was born overseas, Yokosuka Japan in fact. Nine months after I was born my mother took me back to her mother country, the Philippines. By the time I arrived in the United States I developed my mother's native tongue and started learning English with my mother at the same time. Since then grammar, transactions, and just putting my thoughts on paper became my struggles in writing.

At some point in my life though, I did start writing in little diaries with the lock latch on it, writing all my little secrets and random thoughts within it. Up to this very day I still write in diaries but I have no worries about corrections within it because I'm the only who reads and understands my way.

I also started writing after watching the movie Harriet, the Spy. The main character, Harriet, kept a notebook in which she would write what she spied on or who she spied on. She wanted to grow up to be a good writer or a journalist and someone told her to be a good writer they need something to write about. So, Harriet was my inspiration to write in my own spy notebook but of course I failed to keep that up.

During my school years I always felt embarrassed to read allowed what I wrote down on my piece of paper. When I was younger I couldn't handle criticisms from teachers and my peers who would just point one incorrect grammar, statement, and fragment of my...