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Distance Learning Pros Vs Cons

Obtaining my college degree has been an on-going struggle, as a Special Forces Soldier in the United State Army. Ability to attend a university during typical semesters or quarters in an actual classroom situation became difficult to arrange due to military duty requirements. In my pursuit to set myself apart from my peers, I needed to find a way to continue my educational goals and objectives. Attending college using the Internet provided an avenue for completion of my degree. For the most part this experience has been positive and proved to be advantages in obtaining my goals. However, I have experienced disadvantages, too.

Distance Learning provides a vast selection of both courses and colleges. These attributes enabled me to choose the classes necessary to complete my specific degree without being limited to the colleges located near my home. One advantage was being able to take the classes I needed without waiting until a semester it was offered.

When one college did not offer a class, I found one that did. I was able to select just the classes I needed, without having to take unnecessary classes to fill my 12 credit hour requirement.

Time management was the primary reason I selected distance learning. The opportunity to schedule a class, obtain homework requirements, then work on my homework when time permitted, allowed me to insert time slots at various times during my busy work schedule. Procrastination can cause a problem. The obligation to know what homework was assigned and when it was due was mine. Students that aren't self-starters may tend to have difficulty completing assignments correctly and on time without strong physical presence by the instructors. It is harder showing up to a class without an assignment when the instructor can give you a disapproving...