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Travel for less


You would die to leave your monotonous daily routine behind and board on a plane that could take you to a foreign site where you could enjoy, live, and learn distinct things. Unfortunately, your non-existent fortune doesn't allow you such an outrageous splurge. Well, come to Canada and have it all! Canada has lots to offer the traveler. Whether you like the oceans or the breath taking Rockies, or the flat lands, Canada will show you parts of its beauty that may seem like a dream to you. You can boost your English, have the greatest time ever and learn about a different culture by spending much less than you could have ever imagined.

In the first place, enroll yourself in any English Language School. Many are the options in Canada, but we, particularly, checked the EFL Schools in Toronto. There, classes are given from 9:00 am up to 1:30 pm and, on two afternoons each week, the schools´ Activities Coordinator will take you and your classmates on trips to interesting places and join you in exciting journeys to the Royal Ontario Museum, Pioneer Village, tours of local Universities and many more.

These afternoons' trips are a great time to get to know your classmates and teachers as well as a natural way to practice your English!

Then, because the schools are extremely engaged in doing their best to help their foreign student enjoy his/her stay in Canada, they will assist him/her in organizing and booking exciting trips and activities such as canoeing or hiking in Algonquin park, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Quebec City, skiing, and countless others without charging you any extra fee.

At last, staying with a Canadian host family is the other best way for you to make the most of...