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January 28, 2002 4300 Sunset Drive Des Moines, IA 57232 Mr. Larry Hodges, Founder Sansford Mental Health Services 9008 Highway 52 South Spring Green, WI 53567 Dear Mr. Hodges Subject: Program Planning for Annual Reunite Banquet "They say the first day is the hardest, but I say everyday is harder than the last." That being the first line of your new book, Look to the Future, has been the basis of many discussion groups here at Outlook. Your book has become part of our daily readings for all of our substance abuse programs.

Having experienced first hand the struggle of overcoming substance abuse in your own life makes your words very powerful. Many of our patients have read your book over and over reporting that it gives them the courage to make it through another day.

Your story is an inspiration to many people on their own journey to sobriety.

It would be of further inspiration to hear you tell it yourself at our Annual Reunite Banquet in Des Moines, Iowa, on April 16, at the Radisson Hotel. As the keynote speaker you would be addressing over 100 people who have completed our substance abuse program in the last year. We would be honored to have you as a guest at the banquet which begins at 6:00 p.m. Your one hour inspirational speech would begin at 7:30.

We will reimburse you for travel costs and hotel accommodations. We will also present you with an honorary award to express our appreciation for you sharing your story and to congratulate you on 22 years of sobriety.

We would like to announce your keynote address in our next newsletter which goes out March 12. Would you please call me at 707-555-6565 to let me know that you can come. We'll have a large...