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The writing process takes a lot of mental thought. It begins by brainstorming; gathering ideas. You must decide what you are interested in writing about. While doing this there are many factors that may play a role in your topic selection. Once you have a topic you muxt develop your ideas.. There are many pre-writing exercises you may use to do so. Once you ideas are well thought out, drafting begins.

When beginging the drafting process it is a good idea to always keep you working thesis in mind. This will help to developoe a wee constructed paper. Once your drafting is complete, the revising process begins. Here you edit the mistake and make necesary changes. The final paper may be produced.

Writing a paper is not as hard as some may beleive. Once the ideas come to you, the rest of the paper should begin to flow.

It is all in your thoughts and ideas, which can be developed from your emotions and interests. Make sure to ask a friend for there suggestions. Writing is only a process, there is always room for improvement!