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Anthony Saunders

Dear Editor,

After reading the article 'What sort of example is this to set our children' by Levy & Davidson, published 23rd September in the Daily Mail I feel obliged to address my concerns to you. I believe the article has belittled teenagers and shone them in a negative light to the public.

The writers look down on girls wearing make-up saying they're 'caked with make-up' and one girl is described by the writers as being 'panda-eyed'. How do the writers think that girl feels reading your article? It is unfair and hurtful. If a girl wants to wear a lot of make-up, why can't she? She is merely experimenting, something all teenagers do. The same girl is also picked out for asking a question, is it really so wrong for her to try and better her understanding of the question?

A very negative image of the school and its pupils is portrayed and a lot of situations written about in the text are taken out of context; a main example of this is when it says that teachers call students scumbags.

If you actually watch the programme you can see that the pupils and teacher have a healthy joking relationship and he light heartedly calls them that as they leave the class. Speaking from experience, I know that having a teacher like that benefits learning because you enjoy lessons more knowing that you get on well with the teacher. I feel your writers have twisted this situation to make it seem as though there is an ongoing battle between students and teachers.

Another misrepresentation is the case of a girl called Carmelita. I feel that she is being used to stereotype all teenagers by your writers due to her confrontation with Deputy Mr Drew when he asks...