The writing style of Ernest Hemingway.

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THESIS STATEMENT: The usage of repetition and ambiguous words in the work of Ernest Hemingway is a well-known characteristic of his writing style. This type of writing is similar throughout all his books and short stories.

I. Introduction

A. Usage of short and simple sentences

B. Usage of repeated words throughout same paragraph

II. Development of Hemingway's writing style

A. The "American" writing style

B. Later writing characteristics

III. Influences in the development of this writing style

A. Extended use of death imagery

B. Hemingway's self-discipline in writing.

C. Presentation of characters

1. Violence and emotions in characters

2. Reduction of characters to animal levels

IV. Hemingway's depression and effect on writing style

A. Writing style in early works

B. Writing style during depression

V. Conclusion

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The Writing Style of Ernest Hemingway:

When you read the many novels and short stories of Ernest Hemingway, there is one thing that you discover upon closer examination.

His writing style is almost the same in all of his work. The use of phrases and sentences, the repeated use of the same word for emphasis, the irony, the detailed graphic description of scenes that deal with death, and even the portrayal of his significant characters in the stories are surprisingly similar to each other.

One of the widely used writing forms that we see in Hemingway's work, is that he uses simple and short sentences but with a deep meaning. He also likes to use the same word many times but in each sentence he looks at the word with a different perspective or he uses it in a different way and with another approach, doing that in order...