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Essay by Eschuit September 2014

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Writing Task #1 1

Writing Task 1

Esther Schuit



Kathleen Moran

September 20, 2014

Disconnecting from digital devices and technology is good.

New and advanced technology is good but it can also have a down side to it, mainly, people get so attached to their devices that they forget what's around them. Why is it good to disconnect from digital devices and technology? Some reasons are, a person may be able to in the work place or at school, work better with other people, do more of his or her own creative thinking, instead of letting the computer or other devices do it, and if they aren't looking at their phones or other hand held device when they are out in public, they may meet new people.

When in school students tend to be on their phones or computers a lot, because they have assignments or other stuff that's due in a certain time frame.

But once they are done that they should take a break from their devices and go out with friends and or family. If your job requires you to be on your computer a lot that's one thing but if you go home and keep working, whether it's on your computer or phone, you don't realize what is happening around you, what your family or friends are doing.



Attention grabber: New and advanced technology is good but it can also have a down side to it


Thesis: a) Topic: disconnecting from online and technology

b) Focus: students and people in the work place

c) Supporting details: people doing their own creative thinking

if off their devices they can spend more time

family and friends

Body Paragraph #:1


Topic sentence:

Supporting detail 1:

Supporting detail 2:

Supporting detail 3:

Concluding sentence: