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Future Fashions may encounter a few problems when they introduce the new computerized system and will have to alter their older fashioned ways to a more modern style, and become a successful E-business. As the employees are used to a more traditional way of working it may take a while for them to settle into the new system. Some of the problems that may occur include:

·The employees may not be able to cope with the high tech computerised equipment they are being made to deal with. For many of them it may be a new and challenging experience as they will probably not be used to the latest arrangement. To avoid this, instruction manuals could be used to educate the employees. Another option could be training but this would be expensive for every employee and the company may feel they do not want to waste so much money when a user guide would be cheaper and still do the job, and not necessarily better.

·Not all of them will be able to learn how to operate computers properly as they may be older workers and not have the ability to change their way of working round completely. They may also be slow to pick up on things and could cause the productive speed of Future Fashions and fellow workers to be decreased. To make it simpler they could have user friendly screen layouts and make the user guides basic and straight to the point with diagrams explaining fully what to do.

Opening the spreadsheet

1.Go to the start button. You will find this sitting in the bottom left hand corner of the screen

2.Click on it by pressing down on the left hand button of the mouse.

3. A list should appear when you have done this.