The Written Word Lives On

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Wonderful things contribute to the life of my spirit everyday. With limitless pages bound by a common goal these books keep me ticking. At night while I shudder under my covers Ayne Rand and her John Gault have held me in a stupor for hours on end. Making the cold seem like a fantasy and Gault's hidden valley a physical reality. She has made me standing between my fantasies and I.

From the first blessed page of the Cat In the Hat I knew I was finished. My nights of sleep seemed to have no chance. The twisting and turning of the tongue made a game my young mind enjoyed. Books, these windows to the other side, did not pass judgment and became my companions. I take a book with me when I travel so if I know no person at my destination I always have a friend with whom old times are shareable.

Family without friends never provided me with enough company. Taking a walk with the dark elf Drizzt through the shadowed halls of his city Menzobaeren inspired confidence in me even in the solitude of a Hawaiian vacation. Calling reading just a hobby then does it injustice. Adventure fits it more appropriately. Books sweep me into the depths of imagination and let me share another persons dream while helping me see mine. Piers Anthony taking me through his spellbinding Juxtaposition opened my mind and revealed his dreams. I have held my grip on the exhilaration that brought me. I never feel as complete as when I visit another book. The ceaseless joy bonding my mind with another realm leads straight into addiction. Finishing a good story is akin withdrawal or the loss of a loved one. Someday a clinic may open in the name of helping readers...