The Wrongs Of Child Pornography From A Christian Perspective

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Pornography/Child Pornography I am a Christian theist due to a few reasons. A few of these reasons include the bibliographical, teleological, and Christological evidence and my own personal beliefs. The bibliographical evidence has to do with prophecies of the bible that have been made which are being filled. This has strong conviction for me because I grew up reading the bible and listening to what it has to say. As I grow older I see more and more things that are prophesized in the bible that correspond with things going on in the world today. The teleological evidence tells us that designs that support life were designed by God, not by random chance. This is more believable than things happening by random chance because everything comes from a certain focus or point which helps keep everything within reason. The Christological evidence helps strengthen my belief because I believe strongly in proof and actuality.

I believe that if you can have guaranteed proof you can have guaranteed truthfulness about things. What is better proof or assurance than actually seeing something you believe in. The reason that the Experiential, the Axiological, and the vacuum evidence don't hold as much conviction with me is because they have to do more with feeling and values than proof. Feeling is something that is good to help strengthen a belief but you need a basis beneath it to make it actually mean anything. With guaranteed proof you are sure to have a strong basis because everything that you are basing your belief on is able to be backed up with evidence which is something that can be shown. I also am a Christian theist due to my own research of the religion and my own personal beliefs. As I said before I like to...