WU-TANG: shaolin style!! Part 2. This is a very short story abaut an induvidual who mastered the art of the wu-tang sword.

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WU-TANG: shaolin style!! Part 2

In ancient times, the Shaolin monastery was a home for righteous monks to study Buddhism and master the martial arts for both physical and mental discipline. They studied the mannerism of reptiles and other animals, and developed superior fighting techniques. One of the deadliest of all kung fu styles was the famed Wu-Tang sword, an invincible weapon mastered only by accomplished monks. They were the guardians of humble rice farmers from the slums and villages. The monastery was a place where young kids who were tired of getting beaten up in the streets could go to learn self defence and mooch a bowl of hot soup. There they developed bodies with the strength of diesel trucks while defending man, woman, and child from the evil Manchus.

Long ago, one young warrior advanced through all 35 chambers of martial arts. When a student mastered a chamber, he was given a gold tooth; this disciple's smile displayed a mouthful of gold.

There were no more chambers to master, so he told the Abbot he wished to start a 36th. Tradition demanded that he fight his teacher with the brotherhood silently watching.

He was fearful of the Abbot; never before had he encountered an opponent that had advanced to platinum status. The Abbot's fangs had diamonds to blind the eyes of student fighters, testing their vision as well as their focus. Although he was the best of his class, the brave warrior lost to the Abbot's technique and was sent away.

For years, the Manchurians wanted to destroy Shaolin. The Wu-Tang Clan were rebels against the ancient temple and taught the Manchus their deadly style. Unlike whirling sword, twin sword, and drunken sword, Wu-Tang sword was invincible, and with it the Wu and Manchu joined forces...