WU-TANG: Shaolin Style! this is a short story i wrote some time ago abaut the Wu-tang clan who where one of the first groups to attempt to teach kung fu to common peaople.

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WU-TANG: Shaolin Style!

Two thousand years ago, the monks of the Shaolin Temple perfected the art of art of hand-to-hand fighting known as kung fu. This work was the result of many masters, each with a specific style or form. Only holy monks were allowed to learn and study kung fu, but a group of rebel masters who studied the deadliest form- The Wu-Tang -had a radical idea. They wanted to teach their art to the rest of the world, opening their schools to the entire community so that everyone would have an equal opportunity to learn how to defend themselves- not just the wealthy or devoutly religious.

As a result Wu-Tang were cast out, and since then have wondered the earth in hiding, secretly passing on their knowledge from generation to generation.

Now, an evil warlord has come to power in the east. He believes that this lost art - the deadly Wu-Tang discipline -is the key to give his legion the power to enslave the free world.

His search led him to Shaolin, NY (a.k.a Staten Island) were Xin, the last Wu-Tang master and only living adversary of Zhu, has come to rest.

"The time has come to claim our rightful position as lords inn this weak and pathetic world. You have become powerful warriors, but not yet strong enough to vanquish our anomies." "That will be rectified shortly." Says Mong Zhu to his army of warriors. "there is another powerful discipline, that a Wu-Tang, the soul master of this ancient art is Xin. And now I have found my old friend once again hiding like a scared rabbit in America." " I will force him to reveal the ways of Wu-tang to me and merge our two disciplines together, making us invincible."

"The world that has...