Wuthering Heights

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"˜Wuthering Heights' is a story about love, betrayal and revenge which spans over two generations of two families. The book is set in England, around the Yorkshire moors, during the late 1700's. "˜Wuthering Heights' is written in English, in a style that is typical to the time when it was written. The plot in the story, is so complicated, it is often difficult to understand.

The book actually starts out near the end of the story, with the entrance of Mr. Lookwood, the new tenant of the Grange. He arrives at Wuthering Heights during a storm to meet Heathcliff, Hareton and Catherine. After a few events, which become more clear at the end of the book, the story then goes back to Catherine's parents during their childhood.

Heathcliff is an abandoned Gypsy, who is adopted by the Earnshaw family. Hindley, who is Mr. Earnshaw's son, immediately shows hostility towards Heathcliff. Cathy, Hindley's younger sister however, finds Heathcliff to be more of a brother than Hindley. This made the whole situation worse, and Heathcliff is made to sleep in the stables. Hindly marries Francis, but she dies giving birth to their son, Hareton.

As Cathy and Heathcliff grow up, they fall in love with each other. Cathy is a very strong willed girl and at some point, Cathy is injured when she and Heathcliff were caught spying on Edgar and Isabella Linton at the Grange. Then the Linton's take her in and look after her for 3 months. While she's away, Hindley makes Heathcliff a servant. Soon after Cathy returns home, Edgar asks her to marry him and she immediately accepted, despite the fact that she is in not really in love with him. She only wants his wealth, and to be "˜The lady of the district'.