Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte

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Emily Bronte was born in Thorton, Yorkshire, in 1918. Wuthering Heights was Bronte's only book;

however, she died in 1848 and never knew of the book's success. It is said by many to be the

finest novel in the English language. Just before she dies, Catherine Earnshaw gives birht to a beautiful

baby girl named Cathy. After Catherine married Edgar, heathcliff becomes jealous and marries

Edgar's sister, Isabella. Isabella then gives birth to Heathcliff's son Linton. Wuthering Heights, by Wmily Bronte, is a novel

full of contrast between Catherine and Cathy and Heathcliff and Linton.

While Cathy is growing up, the reader begins t see the contrast between cathy and her mother.

Catherine is a typical Earnshaw, having dark hair, and dark eyes. While her daughter's characteristics

are the exact opposite. Cathy has blonde hair, fair skin, and irrestibly brilliant eyes.

Catherine and Cathy is emotional aspects also contrast a great deal.

Young Cathy's emotions

are calm, while her mother's rage, and are as unpredictable as a storm. Catherine's emotions

are so passionate that she is unable to control them. To the point of causing her own death. Before

she dies, she says that she wants both Heathcliff and Edgar to suffer-Edgar, because he never

understood heraffection for Heathcliff; and Heathcliff, because he never understood why she

married Edgar. Cathy has a mind of her own and some of Catherine's willfullness. She is also

capable of great sympathy towards Linton, whom she marries and finally Hareton Earnshaw.

Heathcliff is a strange mix-ture of the refined and incouth; slovently, yet dresses and acts like a g

gentleman. While being dark with the look of a gypsy, he is quite handsome. His son, linton

resembles his mother, Isabella, as he is blonde, pretty, feeble, adn effeminate. It is...