"Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bronte. Do you agree with this statement? "I was wonderful being a woman in the world of Wuthering Heights."

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I totally disagree with the statement, "I was wonderful being a woman in the world of Wuthering Heights." In Wuthering Heights, people had no right to enjoy happiness bring by love. Women in this world could not find their real love. For some of them, even when they found their loves; they cannot marry them due to some troubles. And some of their loves lead them to a tragic end. Frankly speaking, the love relationships and triangles in Wuthering Heights made the place down. To me, it was hard to be a woman in Wuthering Heights. We can look at the major female character, Catherine, Isabella and young Cathy, to prove that love in Wuthering Heights is some how a trouble.

Catherine was one of the major characters in the Wuthering Heights. She was the daughter of Mr. Earnshaw. One day, her father brought an orphan with him from Liverpool, and he was Heathcliff. From that time on, Heathcliff entered Catherine's life. They fell in love with other since they spent their days and childhood together happily and they are so alike as Catherine thought. But after the five weeks which Catherine had spent in the Thrush cross Grange as she was bitten by the Linton's dogs, she changed her attitude towards Heathcliff in front of all the people. On one night when they were having dinner with the Lintons, Catherine teased, "Heathcliff at least you should shake hands. But you are so dirty." However, she deeply loved Heathcliff as a secret in her heart. Even Nelly did not know how she loved Heathcliff at the first beginning at the dinner, and she just criticizes Catherine, "an unfeeling child. How lightly she dismissed her old playmate's trouble." Later, Nelly discovered that Catherine actually very unhappy. She...