WUTHERING HEIGHTS:By Emily Bronte Heathcliff the Villain

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In this novel called Wuthering Heights written by Emily Bronte there is a character named Heathcliff. Heathcliff is one of the main and most important characters in this novel. Although Heathcliff was viewed as a victim many times (because of childhood, etc.); within Wuthering Heights, does this make his corrupt actions "ok", or for him to hurt those around him? It is true that Catherine is very selfish and played the biggest part in it, but she never intentionally or purposely planned to hurt anyone (meaning Heathcliff). Heathcliff's controlling and bitter actions are definitely those of a villain.

No person has the right to express their anger on other innocent people, which is exactly what Heathcliff did. At first, we felt sympathy for all the things he had to deal with in the first part of the novel. In the second half, we come to see what a horrible character he turns out to be.

It starts near the second half when Heathcliff comes back a rich and mysterious man. The owner of Wuthering Heights now is a drunk and a major gambler who is deeply in debt. Heathcliff helps him out so that when the owner dies the only way to pay Heathcliff back is to give him what he owns. Now that he is a powerful man he is out to seek revenge, this makes him a villain for he not only takes it out on the people who have done something to make him miserable but also to completely innocent people. An example of this is Isabella for one:

Isabella fell hard for Heathcliff when he came back, she saw that he had changed into a full man and that he was now wealthy and powerful. When Catherine exploited Isabella in front of Heathcliff, then we...