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If there is one thing that will really push my buttons it would really have to be a loud talking obnoxious little twirp. As I slowly stroll down the isles of Redner's Wharehouse Markets, I cringe at the sudden screech of a loud wrinkly old lady asking her 90 year old husband George if they have enough bread crumbs to last the week. As this old woman repeats herself so the whole potato chip isle can hear her loud crackly voice, I have to slowly turn myself around and leave the isle. For if I would have stayed in this isle with the voistrous old bag I would have said something very rude and offending to the old lady that means no harm. The supermarket is just one of the many places where I myself run into the people I strongly dislike to be around. A restraunt for example, is another one of these places.

I'm going out for an enjoyable night of dining with my family at the local Red Lobster. Sharkey, party of five is called out by one of the lovely waitresses. My family and I follow the young women back to our table, as we approach I get chills up my spine as I can here the unruly laughing ahead. The waitress pronounces that her herself, Donna, will be our server for the night, and this is our table. Our table is positioned in the corner of the room right next to a large party of obnoxious people. I say to myself why me and go through a good meal gone bad. Another thing that really gets me is if I have to talk on the phone to a person with a very loud tone. The phone rings at 7:30 p.m. on a Monday night. I yell that i've got it through the house. I slowly remove the phone from its sanctuary and say hello. There is a silence for a few seconds and suddenly a booming sound derails my eardrum. My Aunt Karen, seemingly screaming, greets me and asks if she may speak to my mother. I call through the house for my mother, ears ringing like wind chimes, and hand the phone off to her.

Although the loud talkers really get me fired up another person who will get me particually annoyed would me someone who chews their food with their mouth open. The worst place to spot one of these people chewing like a huge cow in a pasture, would have to be in a restraunt where every other normal person wanting to enjoy their meal only, not anyone elses. As these annoying people chomp away on their salad and than move to their main course of baby back ribs, I know there is nothing I can say or do. I sit and try to enjoy my meal, but it is tough. The restraunt is a hard place to stand for the chewing with the mouth open, but it also occurs greatly at partys with family. It is extra hard to deal with it at a nice family picnic with the people I love so dearly. As my Great Aunt Dorothy approaches me from twelve o'clock I see her with a mouth full of potatoe salad. I turn on a 45 and sprint towards the door. I know if I dont get away from the monster I know that's behind me I will have to deal with the loud obnoxious chewing. I get to the door as I get there I turn the handle to find the horrifying truth, the door has been locked. There is a pounding of footsteps coming up behind me and I know that I have been caught. I now have to talk to my aunt and her potatoe salad. These situations are all very horrifying, but you know that you may have to confront them. The question is do you tell the person that they are chewing with their mouth open? After my first two pet peeves, someone would think that I was done whining and complaining, but no. A stuck, up too good for everyone else, snob definently tops my list of people that I dispise. One of millions of these maggots can be found strutting around a sports field. This superior human being will walk past all of his fellow teamates, and send out a glare of disgust. Confrontation from his teamates, which is simply unheard of, doesnt occur on an afternoon during practice. With this in mind I have to ask the question, why? In addition these superpeople can't waist any time with the regular people all around them. For example, a new student, who has just been enrolled in a new school, approaches Tommy Toogood and just greats himself. Tommy goes off into a fit of rage. He asks very rudly if this no good piece of trash knows who he is. The frightened new kid explains that he has made a huge mistake, but he does not know why this outraged maniac has become enraged a him. Tommy pushes the kid away and tells the frightened young boy that if he ever talks to him again he will get the worst beating of his life. The kid scurries away like a scolded canine. These morons just plain old suck.