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1. Briefly describe the situation described in the case.

It describes the initial and growth of wrestling industry. At the beginning, Vince McMahon took the WWF from his father and expanded it. He also created story lines and merchandise demand that help propel the WWF into the wrestling entertainment leader. Ted Turner worked with the WWF and he found that it needs a piece of action. Therefore, Ted Turner asked McMahon purchase some shares but he declined. Ted Turner decided to go after the market created by the WWF and purchased the smaller operation that was sold by McMahon previously in Atlanta, Georgia. Turner hired Eric Bischoff and they both tried to gain their own support for fans over the WWF. Bischoff created a different format that attracted more fans and negations took place that tried to lure old WWF wrestlers over to the new WCW create by Turner. Turner and Bischoff were also able to use the vast amount and levels of entertainment avenues that Ted Turner owned and had control over.

The WCW expanded their time slot and became aggressive for the timing of the programming versus the WWF. Both programs tried to create their own characters and maintain the story lines to attract and maintain fans. The case study describes the process in the negotiations for Bret Hart is heart tells him to stay with the WWF, but they can no longer afford him or write him into the story line. The WCW is willing to pay him what he desires, but Hart is more interested in the overall wrestling morale than a paycheck.

2. Review the latest news regarding the WWE.

Gigex Inc. of San Francisco and World Wrestling Entertainment(TM) of Stamford, Connecticut, announced they had entered into a partnership to offer free video game content...