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Ryan Williams 27/08/01 Local Business's in Welshpool Name Of Business. What They Do.

Floform Engineering Cadwalladers & Co Accounts Halifax Bank Sidoli's Make ice-cream and cakes.

Teme Valley Tractors Sell and repair tractors.

Andrews Fish Bar Sell fish & chips Heads & Tails Sell fish & chips Phalki Takeaway Sells Indian food Spar Food store Kwik Save Super Market Welshpool Printing Group A printing company Storm Communications Sells Mobile phones Somerfield Super Market Woolworths Toys store Present Times Gift shop Computers@Welshpool Sells PC's and computer equipment.

BJ's Electrical Sells Electronic goods Welshpool Sport Shop Sells sports equipment Butler & Finnigan Dentists Barbers Shop Hairdressers Lads And Dads Hairdressers Sketchleys Dry Cleaners Safeway Supermarket Potters Scrap Yard Scarp Yard Potters Garage Garage WR Davies Garage Tanner Wine Merchants Alcohol producers Flash Leisure Centre Leisure Centre Dillon's Post Office Emrys Jones Solicitors Solicitors Morris Marshall and Poole Estate Agents Alexander's Outdoor Equipment store Harrison's Solicitors Solicitors The Oak Hotel Hotel & Restraunt Boots Chemist Chemist Midlands Bank Bank Barclays Bank Bank Natwest Bank Bank Watkins News Agents News Agents Radford's New Agents News Agents Eric Neville Catering Supplies Langford's Butchers Butchers Ricky Lloyds Butchers Butchers Gwythers Shoes Shoe shop Stead & Simpson's Shoe shop Norman R.

Lloyd & Co Estate Agents The Sewing Centre Sells fabrics and sewing equipment Seconds Ahead Sells Clothes Price's Fruit Sells Fruit and Vegetables Derwas's Sells agricultural goods.

Tudor Griffths Sells building equipment.

Phil's Tool Hire Hires out tools.

Business Homework.