WWI Causes

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The birth of World War One had been one of history's most significant events. To begin with, there were many possible factors that could have triggered the "The Great War". The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (figure 2) was the first thing in the sequence of events that took place before the war had started. However, that was not the most significant incident that sparked the First World War; the main reasons behind how it all began were militarism, alliance system, imperialism, and nationalism. Nevertheless, The Most important reasons why the war had started would be alliance and militarism.

The Death of Austro-Hungary's "Heir to the Throne" was only part of the reason why the war had begun. After this had happened, Austro-Hungary was infuriated. In addition, they had argued that Serbian's government was implicated with the schemes of the Black Hand Gang. They had shown this by seizing the chance to stamp their authority upon the Serbians by issuing an "ultimatum".

The Austro-Hungarian government was expecting the Serbians to reject all request made by the ultimatum. Despite the fact that Serbia had refused the ultimatum, they had allied with the Russians with greater protest for the Austro-Hungarians. Unsatisfied with the responses of Serbia, Austro-Hungary declared war against Serbian on 28 July 1914.

After Austro-Hungary declared war on Serbia, the tangle of alliances came into play. Russia, bound by the agreements made to Serbia, had declared to mobilize its vast army to its defense. Germany allied with Austro-Hungary by treaty had viewed the mobilization of the Russian army as a threat and declared war upon the Russian's on the 1st of august in 1914. After apparent hostiles made by the Germans, France who was bounded by the treaty with Russia, had found itself in a war against Germany on...