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There have been many changes from the end of WWII to the present day. All of these changes left varying effects on American Society. Two important changes that stand out are: The civil rights movement and the Internet. Both of these changes have brought the American society to places that were foreseen in the past and both make society believe that anything is possible.

The 1960s was a period of change waiting to happen. Many blacks protested for something America promised, freedom and equal rights. The long fight for equal rights felt as if it would never come. Many politicians were unwilling to face the subject because they felt it would cause too much controversy or they were raciest themselves. In 1963, President Kennedy tried as much as possible to ignore the situation fearing it would split the country. But pressure was kept on the President to do something.

Originally proposed by President Kennedy in 1963, but unable to get passage of the Civil Rights Act bill in Congress. In 1964 under Lyndon B. Johnson's Great Society Johnson signed a stronger version of Kennedy's Civil Rights Act. This enabled equal voting rights by removing registration requirements; prohibited segregation or discrimination in places of public; banned discrimination by trade unions, schools, or employers; desegregated public schools; broadened the duties of civil rights commission; assures nondiscrimination in the distribution of funds under federally assisted programs. In 1965 the Voting Rights Act was signed by Johnson, which expanded black suffrage in the South.

The American Society was changed from here on. Blacks were given what they fought so hardly for and even though the laws were laid out the whites were very unwilling to accept these new laws. With in time the Minorities have fought to be accepted and heard throughout the...