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Pre-war Timeline :

1933 - Adolf Hitler is elected chancellor of Germany. He abolishes democracy and becomes a dictator. Japan and Germany leave the League of Nations

1935 - The German military enters the neutral Saar region, Hitler restores conscription to the German military.

1936 - The German military enters the demilitarized Rhine region. The German-Italian "axis" is formed.

1937 - Japan, which already occupies Manchuria, invades central China

1938 - Hitler annexes Austria and western Czechoslovakia.

Mar 1939 - Czechoslovakia surrenders to imminent German invasion

Apr 1939 - Hitler cancels the German British naval agreement and the polish-polish non-aggression pact. Italy invades Albania.

Jul 1939 - Polish intelligence passes all its knowledge about the German enigma machine to British and French intelligence

Aug 1939 - Germany and Russia sign non-aggression pact, secretly agreeing to invade Poland and share it. German u-boats and battleships sail to the Atlantic Ocean for war.

World war 2 Timeline:

1939 Timeline

Sep 1 - Germany invades Poland, World War 2 begins.

Sep 3 - Britain and France declare war on Germany.

Sep 8 - The US remains neutral but president Roosevelt declares "limited national emergency".

Sep 17 - Russia invades Poland

Sep 27 - Warsaw surrenders

Oct 6 - The last remaining polish forces surrender

Nov 30 - Russia invades Finland

1940 Timeline

Jan 17 - The first German Enigma messages are decoded by British intelligence

Mar 12 - Russia-Finland war ends. It convinces Hitler that the Russian military is ineffective.

Apr 8 - Germany invades Denmark and Norway.

Apr 14 - British forces land in Narvik, Norway, but leave in 10 days

May 10 - Germany invades France, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg. Winston Churchill becomes Britain's prime minister.

May 20 - German forces reach the British channel.

May 27 - Evacuation of British...