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Political ideology and readings on the xfactor

Hello I'm sure you have heard of the X factor? One of britians most watched tv programmes. Perhaps one of your relatives was on it? Who knows. But did you ever wonder what the xfactor is really about? Apart from knowing it's a 'luck shot' show…well im going to be telling you the different theories related to x factor in this essay. You will be surprised.

Firstly we all watch x factor for our own desires or uses such as poverty, confusion, hope, exhaustion, isolation, perhaps you also feel inadequate etc.

If you haven't realized already so then you must know now. X factor uses us as an audience as a key for them to make money. Since there are so many categories we come under, the amount of money x factor makes is horrendous. Just by using our 1 hour of free time they make millions.

Referring to Marxists theory this suggests x factor gives a false sense of hope to millions of people, who fall under those categories a chance of winning. However how unlikely is that, when you fail x factor then simply says 'you should have tried harder' . this is their simple clause to get out of problems. So what Marxist is saying is these bosses use their workers, whilst giving us hope we'll also make it one day too, to make their business better and extraordinary, by using all these poor people's help all the way along. Likewise this means the judges on x factor are our bosses and they decide our future. Which is very true? Marxists do believe that there is a chance of hope but that is very very rare. Overall I believe the Marxists reading is negative but very accurate.

A positive reading...