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X-Files: Plot Development The movie X-Files consisted of one main conflict along with several sub conflicts that developed the movie as well as the characters. From the beginning to the end, Mulder and Scully encountered many characters with backgrounds as complex as their roles. This ultimately resulted in the many sub conflicts that came about during the course of the movie.

The first problem that Scully and Mulder encountered was discovering the actual reasoning behind the explosion of a federal building. Suspecting foul play, Mulder decided to investigate the incident further with the assistance of Scully. It wasn't long before they found that their suspicions had been valid, and the explosion was in fact a government cover up. Not only did their discoveries lead to the introduction of new characters, but also the plot was developed with the appearance of a new set of conflicts.

One of these sub conflicts came about with a new character, the Doctor.

A physician and conspiracy theorist, the Doctor had a feeling that there was something the government was hiding, much like Mulder. Along with the police, the Doctor was in danger of being harmed by FEMA, the secret government. Whenever he is in a scene, his tone and appearance reflects paranoia, he's always behaving in secrecy. Mulder looks to the Doctor for answers, while at the same time decipher what his true intents are. Finding out whom this mysterious man was served to be another obstacle on Mulder's path.

Another sub conflict dealt directly with the relationship between Mulder and Scully. Doubts arose in Scully's mind pertaining to her significance to Mulder's "crusade". She felt that her role was not as essential as it seemed to be and needed reassurance from her partner. Such an emotional problem introduced a more in depth view of the characters, and gave the audience something to connect to.

When the problem of Scully's self worth was about to be resolved yet another conflict emerged. Scully had been stung by a virus carrying bee that. This served as a very important incentive for Mulder to continue with his search for the truth and a vaccine.

Each one of these sub conflicts were results of the first problem from the beginning of the movie. From the beginning to the end there is somewhat of a domino effect. A chain reaction of sub conflicts that develop the movie as it progresses.